Group Sessions with Bethany

Group Visualization sessions are exceptional for igniting and enhancing creative group events, team building, or employee wellness or appreciation events. Offering a Group Visualization is also a wonderful addition to conferences, fundraisers, and holiday festivities.

All Group Visualization sessions include a standard 45-minute session with Bethany, where participants sit comfortably in chairs as she guides them through a sensory-rich visualization. This visualization is designed to help participants relax, engage their imaginations, and tap their creative and intuitive energy. Most participants experience powerful insights, a deep state of relaxation, and leave the session feeling renewed and inspired.

During the session, each participant is given a one-of-a-kind stone that is his or hers to keep as a souvenir of the experience. The stone also serves as a reminder of their ability to easily engage their imaginations, tap their intuition, and empower their unique creative expression.

In addition to the standard 45-minute session, custom sessions and coaching sessions are available as add-on experiences.

“Bethany presented a visualization session to a very special group of people at a reunion event in Texas recently. Her presentation was fun, relaxing and thoroughly enjoyed by the attendees. We would not hesitate to ask her back again for a future event.” – Susan George, LVN

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